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Positive Outcomes and Point of Sale

Many times people take a stand to do what they think is right. Whether it is to make a business thrive by selling gadgets at a store front type of business were point of sale is typical and visible or those who are taking technology and expanding their business outside the box and using online point of sales. There are advantages to both and whether a company chooses to use a typical cash register or an online software program they both are willing to risk the outcome of being an entrepreneur. It makes perfect sense that many times entrepreneurs expand their marketing efforts by advertising for their favorite causes. For instance, a business owner with a store front on the beach may promote a beach alcohol ban by allowing stickers to be put in the window or on his cash register for all to see. For the entrepreneur on the internet, they may allow a politician to use a piece of their site to post views on a hot topic. It is all for getting more people to use your business for their needs.

Take, for example, a good sized southern California town. It is fairly common for those who support efforts and those who actually do community service in San Diego to buy from the stores and internet sites that support the same cause. Running a point of sale operation is more than just a way to make a living. It's a way to be involved in a community. That community may be an active one like those involved in the Pacific beach cleanup efforts in and around San Diego or it may be an active community in cyber space. Whatever or wherever the need be and the cause arises, it is up to people who are in business for themselves who really make the difference.

There may be large corporations who help sponsor community activities and who allow their workers to get on a band wagon, but it is the locals who run the show and coordinate the efforts. The businesses who are in constant communication with the locals are the ones who can make the changes by attending the community meetings. They are the ones who allow a portion of their credit card purchases to go to a local cause or who donate products and space for activities.

One of the other opportunities to be supportive of beach cleanups stems from "the ones who can make a difference by having the loudest voices." Not many people think of radio stations as point of sale businesses, yet when they are out in the community they need credit card readers to ring up their t-shirt sales and bumper sticker sales just like a beach front operation does. They are selling everything from baseball caps to decals to cover your entire car. And they do it both at point of sale operations when doing their thing in the community and when people visit their online sites. What a great place to advertise for public service opportunities and volunteer opportunities.

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